Mrs. Varvaro’s Homework and Messages 2/23/2021

Grade 5    Grammar pg. 111

                  Vocabulary  pg. 93

                  New York Progress pg. 73

Grade 6    Vocabulary pg. 88

                  Grammar pg. 117

                  Reading–Story posted in Classroom

Grade 7    Vocabulary pg. 91  (finish pg. 90)

                  Grammar pg. 117  (finish worksheet)

                  New York Progress pg. 85 #1-5

Grade 8    Vocabulary pg. 91

                  Grammar pg 109    (make corrections as need on conjunction home work)

                  New York Progress Pgs. 91-93

Mrs. Varvaro’s Homework 3/22/2021

Grade 5     Write your hypothesis concerning the ball drop.

                    New York Progress pg. 71 Comprehension Check plus critical thinking question

Grade 6      New York Progress pgs.143=145 in preparation for upcoming test.

                    Complete the bottom of pg. 147 in New York Progress

Grade 7      Complete State Test Extended Response

Grade 8      Grammar Conjunctions

                    Vocabulary pg. 89

                    New York Progress pg. 87

Mrs. Varvaro’s Messages 3/16/2021

Dear Parents,

Starting tomorrow, March 17, 2021, Incarnation Catholic Academy will be closed for in school learning.

We will teach 100% remotely, until we come back Monday, March 29, 2021.

If you need anything, Fr.Gannon said the Rectory will be open.

I will keep you informed, and if you have questions, please email me.

We will see everyone back on Monday, March 29, 2021.

Stay safe,

Ms. Mary Bellone


Mrs. Varvaro’s Homework March 11, 2021

Grade 5      Grammar pg. 31

                    Read New York Progress pgs. 64-65

                    Vocabulary Test Unit 8 on Monday

Grade 6      Grammar pg. 30

                    Comprehension Check pg. 137

Grade 7     Grammar pg. 31

                   Vocabulary pg. 87

Grade 8     Vocabulary pg. 85

                    Written response based on Rosie the Riveter article

                    Religion test Tuesday

Mrs. Varvaro’s Homework and Messages 3/10/2021

Grade 5      Complete the paragraph started in class.

Grade 6      Vocabulary pg. 85

                     Grammar pg. 32

                     Comprehension Check pg. 135

Grade 7       Vocabulary pg. 85

Grade 8       Study for the Religion Test


March 10, 2021

Dear Parents,

Incarnation Catholic Academy would like to offer Summer School to prepare our students for the 2021-2022 academic year.

The program would focus on English Language Arts and Mathematics.

It would be offered to remote as well as in school learning. (Must choose one).

The days would be Monday through Thursday, from 8-12. It would begin on Thursday, July 1, 2021, (no school on Monday, July 5, 2021), and end on Thursday, July 29, 2021.

The cost would be based on the number of students enrolled, and the number of teachers employed.

Based on this limited information, would you be interested in enrolling your child in Incarnation’s Summer School?

Please put a check after the statement:

Yes, I would be interested in enrolling my child in Incarnation’s Summer School. ____________

No, I would not be interested in enrolling my child.___________

If your answer is no, please state your reasons why.


Child’s grade in September 2021__________


This is a work in progress, and so your input is very important. I want to know how the Academy can best accommodate our families.

Please return by this Friday, March 12, 2021.

Ms. Bellone


Please consider volunteering to help in the school, we need parent volunteers! If you are interested please let me know or contact Mrs. Bellone.

Any parents who are interested in volunteering  ($25.00 a day  will be deducted from your tuition) can receive the required Virtus training on line. Just go to Virtusonline, complete the training, and email the certificate to Mrs. Bellone.



Mrs. Varvaro’s Homework March 9, 2021

Grade 5      There will a vocabulary test on Chapter 8 on Monday 3/15/2021

                    Vocabulary pg. 85

Grade 6      Vocabulary pg. 84

                    New York Progress Comprehension Check pg. 133

Grade 7      Vocabulary pg. 84

Grade 8      Review for tomorrow’s pronoun test.

Mrs. Varvaro’s Homework

There was an update over the weekend with the “myschoolbadge” app that records our daily temperatures at Incarnation Catholic Academy.    If you log out of the app and then log back in, you will be able to record your temperature tomorrow.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Grade 8    Work on the Monastic Life presentation

                  Review for pronoun test

                  Start studying for Friday’s Religion test 

All other grades had no written homework due to grammar tests.

Mrs. Varvaro’s Homework March 4, 2021

Grade 5      Vocabulary pg. 84

                    New York Progress pg.61

Grade 6     Vocabulary pg. 83

                    Grammar pg. 29

Grade 7      Vocabulary pg. 83

                    Grammar pg. 28


Mrs. Varvaro’s Homework and Messages 3/03/2021


Confession for grade 7 and 8 tomorrow.                                                                                                                        Friday dismissal is at 11:50-12:00

Monday Grammar tests on pronouns all grades.


Ms. Bellone is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Monthly PTA Meeting with Ms. Bellone
Time: Mar 4, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 869 7366 4451
Passcode: 5ez0Jd

Grade 5     Comprehension Check pg. 59

                   Vocabulary pg. 83

Grade 6     Grammar pg. 28

                    State Test Practice

Grade 7      Grammar pg. 30

                     New York Progress 78-79 plus Critical Thinking

Grade 8      Possessive Pronouns and Adjectives pg. 28


Dr. Seuss Week at Incarnation Catholic Academy

When- March 8-12, 2021

Cost $10.00 per student-Dress-down for the entire week.

3/8-The Cat in the Hat (wear a crazy hat)

3/9- Fox in Socks (Wear crazy socks)

3/10 – What Pet Should I Get? (animal prints)

3/11- Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book (pajamas)

3/12- Oh, the Places You’ll Go (names of places).

Students who wish to participate, must put $10.00 in an envelope, and give it to their teacher, not Ms. Williams.

There will be no other dress-down that week.



Mrs. Varvaro’s Homework March 1, 2021

Grade 5       Vocabulary page 82

                      Grammar pg. 27

                      Grammar test Monday, March 8. pgs. 21-27

Grade 6       Object Pronouns pg. 27

                     Vocabulary retest this Wednesday

                     Grammar test Monday pgs. 23-29

Grade 7       No written homework students were finishing their tests

                    Grammar test Monday pgs. 25-30

Grade 8      Finish Religion started in class

                    Vocabulary pg. 83

                    Finish Grammar Pronouns After  Than or S

                    Grammar Test Monday 23-30