Aiden Cotton is a very well focused young man. He is faith filled.For a third grader, the work he produces is impressive especially when he writes a prayer. Aiden participates in homeschooling. The very first day of class, he was the only homeschool student in full uniform. That said a lot to me, “I may be home, in my comfort environment, but I am in class.” This still stands out in my mind and it shows in all his outstanding exemplary work. Kudos Aiden. Keep it up. Little things mean a lot. CONGRATULATIONS as Student of the Month of January 2021.

Mrs. Varvaro’s Messages

Dear Parents,

The high school applications open tomorrow January 19 and must be completed by February 22nd. 

You can create an account in myschools and you will be guided through the process.  All families were sent welcome letters on December 22nd. Those letters contain the identification codes you need to open your account.  If you would prefer I can input your child’s choices. You would need to provide me with a list of the schools or programs, in the order of preference with the program or school code. This code is NOT the one listed to the right of the school name. It is written next to each program and it consists of 2 letters and 2 numbers (ie Q47A).

Listing 12 choices matters! Last year 96% of the students who listed 12 choices received an offer to one of their selected schools. If a child can’t be matched to one of their choices, the Board of Education will assign them to a school.

Your choices can be a combination of schools and/or programs in the school. You can apply to multiple programs within one school. List your choices in the order of preference’ 1st choice to 12th. Use a mix of admissions methods: Ed Opt, Screened, and Open Admissions. Check to see if you’re zoned to a particular school based on your address. Don’t select only one type of method!

Check program eligibility. Some programs have restrictions based on residence, language, or other factors.

Check seat availability to see the number of available seats and check priority groups. You are looking for GE (General Education) seats.


Students interested in a program that uses “audition” as their admissions method

as indicated in, will use students’ submitted audition as the sole criteria for selection. All auditions will be virtual this year due to the ongoing pandemic. LaGuardia High School is the only school that will use academics in addition to students’ submitted audition, as selection criteria to each of their 6 art programs.

Private school staff and students without access to DOE Office 365 or TeachHub (including charter schools and parochial schools): will submit auditions online for most programs to the following email address Detailed instructions are attached.

Resources for families:

Instructions for families to submit students’ audition is in yourSharePoint resource folder

The Office of Arts and Special Projects has prepared audition preparation videos that dive into the common audition components and provide tips for how students can present their best work.

 As part of the common audition components, the Office of Arts and Special Projects worked with high school arts teachers to develop the following resources (also imbedded in the

High School Auditions webpage and the Virtual Audition Submission Tool):

Dance: Video Tutorials for Dance High School Virtual Auditions

Music: Instrumental Music Scale Tutorial Videos

Theater: Suggested Sample Monologue Repertoire and Suggested Sample Musical Theater


 If you continue to have questions about submitting arts auditions, please email us


Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions,

Mrs. Varvaro


A letter from Mrs. Bellone, information regarding 8th grade rings and names for diplomas has been posted in Classroom.


Mr. Rini – Homework – 12/15/2020

MATH 5 – Page 134 # 17 – 21 (GoMath)

MATH 6 – Page 358 # 7 – 11 (GoMath)

MATH 7 – i-Ready assessments.  Test Tomorrow.

MATH 8 – i-Ready Assessments.  Test 12/17/2020. 

Welcome to all are families and children.
Unit Topic for November – All about Us

Essential question: Who am I and who are the people in my life?

Focus questions: 

What makes me important and unique?

What feelings do I have and why?

What makes my class important and unique?

What makes my family important and unique?


November 6- No afterschool

November 11 – Veteran’s Day – school closed

November 25-27- Thanksgiving – school closed

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Enjoy.

Read to your child to foster a love for reading.


Remember to record your child’s temperature daily before they come to school and even when they are unable to attend class. 

School phone number at this time – 718 926-0469