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Pardon me third graders, last night math handout sheet – problem solving was not given out at dismissal line up. You will have that as an in-class test and another test tomorrow. All on math word problem as that has been out weak area the past week. Parents, kindly practice word problems in all operations with your child. Practice, practice, practice. Incorporate problem solving using data, graphs and charts. Pie charts are also good as some will take you into percentages. Again, daily practice – one or two problems daily will help. Blessings.


Parents, kindly send $5.00 with your child for an in house animal pet. It’s exciting. It’s therapeutic. It’s educational and fun. Sorry, I need to have the money tomorrow, Friday, January 31.  Thank you so much.


Home Work

Math word problem handout sheet.



Explore feelings. Following up on our building block on feelings, your child will be asked to write about a time when …

How did you feel? Or other self selected topic on feelings.


Thank you Have a splendid weekend.




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Mon. Feb. 03, 2020

Math handout worksheet word problem and graph vol. 1, pg 182

Reading/Writing  Benjamin Bannerker


Friday, January 31, 2020

Thank you parents for your prompt response for your child’s $5.00 for our pet zoo in-house trip. Trip is confirmed and on the calendar.


Monday, February 3rd, 2020 is Religion Bee. 


Social Studies

Identify the location of a particular African country on a given map. Research and report on  your chosen country. Look for – It’s capital, geographic location, population density, natural resources, currency, country flag.   Due February 10, 2020. Make your work nice, colorful and attractive. Visualization.

Next, African American contribution to humanity

Have a splendid weekend.



Ejiogu’s Eagles Religion 4/06

Posted on April 5, 2020

Monday, April 6, 2020

Palm Sunday, also known as Triumphal Entry

What does a normal king look like?

Read Matthew 21:1-11   or Luke 19:28-40

Illustrate Jesus riding on a horse and people waving palms

View a youtube video – Triumphal Entry for kids

Ejiogu’s Soaring Eagles

Posted on April 2, 2020

Compliments of the day.  I know you’ve had a lot to search and research this week. Research increases your knowledge base with deeper understanding.

Have you said a prayer of thanksgiving for rising to see another beautiful day. Have you said thank you to God and to your parents today and everyday? Have you said I am sorry Lord (Ejiogu’s favorite song), have you said sorry for the argument and anger and yelling and fighting with a sibling from yesterday? Tell God to do something in your life today.

You read “River Rescue”  in yesterday’s ELA lesson.

Research and create project :The Largest Concrete Dam in the United States – The Hoover Dam” on YouTube. There are so many dams in the United States and around the world. Have fun creating a dam using materials from around the house.

Please remember to create a prayer card for classmates who will be receiving their First Holy Communion this May.

Spanish:   Mrs. Brennan wants you to do this today

Draw each of the following and write them out three times each  

La lliuvia – Rain

El sol – sun

Abril – April


Ejiogu’s Eagles Wed., April 1, 2020

Posted on March 31, 2020

Please view and review all the tutorial videos on fractions daily.

Share your projects if you completed any for sharing on the third grade platform.

Bridge research report/project. Simple machines. Whatever you have completely done. Please, no pressure. Take it easy. Take breaks.

Have fun researching and summing up using the required information. If you cannot view the entire text, check out your parents email. I try to post same work on various electronic highway. Whichever is easier for you to use to get it done, fine.  Again, your animals are, grizzly bear, mouse, caribou, reindeer, wolf, Bisson, polar bear, black bear. After your research, which animal will you like to co-habit with? Why?


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