Homework For 5-8th Grade due Oct. 9th

Bienvenidos a todos,

Para la tarea quiero que aprenden sobre la persona hispana(o) que va a vestir como el/ella el 16 de ocubre)

Tiene que saber sobre su vida.  Tu eres el/ella. Donde naciste? Como era cuando era joven?

Estabas enfermo?

Algo malo paso? Y porque es famoso/famosa?   Tiene que saber el nombre de tu libro /obra/pintura?

Translate above into English in paragraph form  5th to 8th (A+B groups)   

And answer on index cards You should have at least 4 cards.  Print big and neatly

We will discuss more in detail tomorrow Tues 10/6/20   Be ready w questions if needed.

Have 2 people in mind, just in case there’s too many of certain people.

I would love to see Dali, Sotomayor, Clemente, St. Teresa of Avila, Cervantes, Cesar Chavez, Queen Isabella

Picasso, Judge Judy(LOL, she’s not hispanic), Placido Domingo, Ellen Ochoa, First Hispanic doctor, senator…

Munoz Marin (Oh, how they loved him in Puerto Rico) , Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, or

pick someone from your hispanic heritage. Or choose another saint, painter, sculptor, actor, singer or

Rita Moreno  (No, that’s not me, she’s a great actress from West Side Story.)(I’m Rita Mourino , smiley face)

I’m doing my homework, so I want to see you do yours. Learning es una cosa muy bella!

Stay saludable y alegre,

Sra. Rita Mourino Brennan

As grade increases, so should the rigor.  This project will count as a test. You will be quizzed also in your knowledge.

Please don’t download the facts. There have been scientific studies that show writing helps the learning process.

It’s too easy to click “Print.”   PS HW is due when it’s due.