Homework for Week of Sept. 28th 7 + 8 th grade Due 10/2/20 Fri.

Know the 5 forms of the Present Tense of Empezar   (EMPEZAR MEANS “TO BEGIN”)

Write each form 3x in Spanish  1x in English

Yo empiezo      Tu empiezas      El  Ella Ud. empieza

Nosotros empezamos      Ellos  Ellas  Uds.  empiezan

Write a sentence in Spanish for each form  8th gr   8 sentences

                                                                                       7th gr     7 sentences     

*  Be careful w Spelling

    Be ready to talk about your culture this Tues. 9/29   and we will compare and contrast 

it to the Spanish culture.  Last week we reviewed the infinitive of Spanish verbs 

(ar, er, ir form) as sung by Marc Anthony in his song “Vivir Mi Vida.”

Stay safe,

Sra. R. Mourino Brennan