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Mrs. Varvaro’s Messages 10/29/2020

Posted on October 28, 2020

Eighth Grade Student of the Month

Smile! That’s Lyadah, a quick smile, a funny joke to start my day, and the capacity to make those around her feel good. She’s imaginative and creative as evidenced in her personal poetry. She’s also self aware and determined, setting goals for herself and actively working to achieve them. Positivity personified! 

Mrs. Varvaro’s Messages 10/28/2020

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Incarnation Roman Catholic Church
Office of Religious Education
89-43 Francis Lewis Boulevard
Queens Village, NY 11427

October 9th.2020
Dear Parents of our Confirmation Candidates,
Father Gannon, Fr. Ray and our Religious Education teachers met your children on
September 27th. It was wonderful to meet and talk with these young people.
We discussed some aspects of Confirmation.
There will be no going away for the day retreat. We will have a Spirit afternoon
with visitors giving enlightening talks to our confirmandis.
This will be on November 3rd. at 7.00 pm
A practice will be on November 5th at 7.00 pm. Sponsors are asked to attend.
NOTE : If a sponsor is coming from out of State and has to be quarantined, kindly
make the arrangements ; there can be a substitute sponsor for the day. The
chosen sponsor’s name will be in the records.
The candidate can have two guests and the sponsor.
You are asked to pay the dues ; this is $75.00 . Kindly bring in to the rectory
office or the school students to Mrs. Varvaro. It would be a very nice token if we
receive this payment on or before November 3. The gowns and masks have
been ordered.
Thank you for helping us to make this blessed occasion a truly memorable
day for our confirmandis.
Fr. Josephjude Gannon
Juliana Patricia Paul
Religious Education

Grade 8 parents need to read the letter I posted on Monday and look through the student handbook, available on the TACHS website and posted in Google Classroom. Watch your email beginning on 10/31 for important information concerning the taking of the test.


Grades 5-8 are taking a reading assessment therefore they do not have homework tonight.

There’s still time to volunteer for November. $25.00 off your tuition means more cash towards holiday shopping! One day or everyday, whatever your schedule allows, any help is appreciated. Contact Mrs. Bellone to let her know your availability.

All students, in person or home schoolers, can wear costumes on Friday. Only protective masks can be worn. Students in school can buy pizza if they choose. 1 slice and a drink is $5.00, 2 slices and a drink for $7.00.  Please send the money tomorrow.

Father Gannon purchased candy for all students, in person and homeschoolers. In person students will receive the candy on Friday. Home schoolers can call the rectory and make an appointment to pick up their candy.

The Walk-a-Thon ends Friday, please send all pledge money in by then.

Mrs. Varvaro’s Messages 10/26/2020

Posted on October 26, 2020

Dear Parents,

We are two weeks away from the TACHS exam.

Parents it is extremely important that you read all attachments on the website and the TACHS 2020- Student Handbook  (I have downloaded it to Google Classroom). You must read and follow ALL directions provided when you receive your 10/31- “Test Session Code” email. That email will provide you with the day/time of testing and the test session code for your child.  Adding the Chrome browser and Proctorio extension and doing the system pre-check and navigational tool, 3-4 days prior to testing is essential to ensuring a successful testing experience.  All this information will be included in the 10/31 email.  The systems check can also be found in the attached Student Handbook, pages 6-7-8. 

You will begin receiving several emails from the Riverside testing company the week of TACHS with reminders. Be on the lookout for and read all emails from the testing company at:

In addition, all three (3)-High School Choices must be entered by the deadline of 5 P.M. on November 5th, 2020 on the TACHS website

A confirmation email will be sent to you from the email address above.  Changes of high school choices can be made until that deadline and an updated confirmation email will be sent as well.  No extensions will be given beyond this due date.  If you do not submit their 3 high school choices, then your child’s TACHS scores will not be able to go anywhere and your child will not receive admissions notices. 

The past few years there have been problems with students listing incorrect codes. I have uploaded a page listing the Queens schools on which I have circled the codes for each school. These are necessary so that the scores are sent to the schools’ admission committees. Make certain to list the school your child is most interested in as the first choice.

If your child should be “kicked” out of the TACHS test on November 7th, they can log back in that day and resume where they left off – they will not lose any work.  If your child experiences local wifi issues, and cannot get back on, they will be assigned to a make-up date and will resume where they left off.  Students who require a make-up for any reason, will receive an email from Riverside for the TACHS make-up with the new test date/time and new test session code.  Please know that the make-up date cannot be confirmed at this point in time.

Do not concern yourself with the TACHS applicant record. I am responsible for completing that and submitting it by the due date.

Lastly, a recent edition of the Tablet listed some misinformation. The corrections are listed below.

  • Students DO need to enter their 3 high school choices online no later than, 5 p.m., November 5th at:

           Note: Students no longer fill in choices on test day on paper as  posted in the article.

  • There are NO admit cards this year for parents to sign.  Note: Parent enters 3-High School Choices themselves online by due date.
  • Parent signature is NOT required for the “Remote Assessment Agreement” or “Proctorio Consent Form”- there is a checkbox that parents must click on and accept before TACHS registration can take place online.
  • Parents WILL receive their student’s Test Session Code/date/time- via email from 10/31-11/5.  Parents CAN contact the TACHS Help Desk at 1-866-618-2247, if session code is not received or have questions.
  • The TACHS test is NOT administered at 9 a.m.

Note: Students can be assigned to one of three test sessions:  Students will test at 8:30 AM, 10:00 AM, or 1:30 PM.

  • There are scheduled BREAKS during the TACHS test, article posted no scheduled breaks which is erroneous.


Information for the Coming Week 10/26-10/30

    • Tomorrow is a POP-UP Dress Down for $2.00


  • Mrs. Bellone is in need of parent volunteers for the month of November. You will receive $25.00 a day off your tuition. You do not have to commit to every day, if you can only do a day or two it would be appreciated. Contact  Mrs. Bellone if you can help.


  • November 2 is our day to dress as a saint for the annual parade of saints.
  • This has been a difficult year for many, many families. We would like to memorialize those family members who were lost this past year. Students in school will receive a leaf on which to record the names of any loved ones and those being homeschooled can submit names to us and we will fill out a leaf for them. They will be blessed by Father Gannon and displayed in the front hall. All names must be in by Nov. 2.
  • Student of the Month is this Thursday.
  • Friday all students can wear Halloween costumes. Students must still wear a mask and they cannot wear a Halloween mask over a protective mask. Students can purchase a slice of pizza for Halloween lunch. One slice and a drink will be $5.00, 2 slices and a drink $7.00. I will be taking orders beginning tomorrow.
  • All walk-a-thon money is due by Friday.
    • Confirmation Spirit Night is November 3 from 7PM to 8:45 in the Church. Students will practice for the ceremony, have the opportunity for Confession, Adoration, Father Chris will be giving a talk, and since they will receive their robes all candidates need to attend wearing masks. Please submit the Confirmation fee by the 3rd.
    • Confirmation Practice with Sponsors November 5 at 7PM
    • Due to building capacity restrictions each candidate can have 2 guests plus their sponsor. The ceremony will be live streamed for additional  family and friends to watch from home.
    • Eighth grade has off the day of the Confirmation, November 10th.


  • Paul Effman Music


Our live online lessons are now underway, along with a wealth of supplementary material we developed over the summer. Parents love that their children can continue to have a creative outlet, while students love playing their instruments again with their peers!

We look forward to getting back to in-person lessons, but for the time being we are so grateful for all of your support. Please help us spread the word that it’s never too late for students to join the music program. Parents can be pointed to to learn about the program and to register.






Mrs. Varvaro’s Homework 10/21/2020

Posted on October 21, 2020


Grade 5       Grammar pg. 13

                     Close Reading pg. 28

Grade 6       Grammar pg. 13

                      Close Reading pg. 27

Grade 7       Grammar pg. 9

                     NY Progress pg. 31


Incarnation Catholic Academy’s Walk-a-thon

  • Friday, Oct. 23, 2020.
  • Students will walk in the parking lot, behind the school. Parking lot will be empty.
  • Students will walk for 15 minutes.
  • Students must keep track of # of steps and add it to their steps so far since Oct. 1st.
  • Students will be in dress-down (free).
  • Students will receive water and a snack after walking.


While the in school students are walking at a designated time, the home schooled students may walk at home for 15 minutes as well. Remember, you are contributing to your class total!


All sponsor sheets and pledges totaling $200.00 per family, are due on 10/30/2020.

Schedule for Walk-a-thon 10/23/2020


9:00-9:15- UPK A

9:20- 9:35- UPK B

9:40-9:55- PreK3 and 4

10:00-10:15- Kindergarten

10:20- 10:35- First Grade

10:40- 10:55- Second Grade

11:00- 11:15- Third Grade

11:20- 11:35- Fifth Grade

11:40- 11:55- Fourth Grade

12:45- 1:00- Sixth Grade

1:05- 1:20- Seventh Grade

1:25- 1:40- Eighth Grade

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