Mrs. Varvaro’s Homework and Messages



January 4, 2021


Dear Families of Catholic Academy and Parish School Students,


The 2020 school year has been unlike any other. To say it has come with challenges would be an understatement. This year has brought challenges that have never even been considered. In a difficult time, one thing has remained constant; the commitment to having the Catholic Academies and Parish Schools, in the Diocese of Brooklyn, continue to provide quality education to its students. As public schools struggled to provide access to their students, we can proudly say that we did absolutely everything possible to create on-site learning opportunities. We thank our parents, guardians, and families, who worked side by side with teachers and administrators, to make this a reality. The belief in the mission of Catholic education that flows from our administrators, teachers, pastors, boards, and families has been critical, in preserving learning opportunities. This unity stems from our love of Christ and provides the strength to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. 


Pope Francis shares with us that …in the face of difficulty, we can either give up and walk away, or somehow engage with it. At times, difficulties bring out resources we did not even think we had…  Inspired by his words, the Diocese of Brooklyn will begin A Year of Renewal for Catholic Education. This renewal will focus on strengthening Catholic Academies and Parish Schools as an investment in the future; our children.  A Year of Renewal for Catholic Education will seek to strengthen specific areas of Catholic education, with the core focus being the development of vibrant and rigorous religious education in Catholic Academies and Parish Schools, as well as Parish Religious Education programs. The Renewal will also address enrollment, academic excellence, financial viability, and governance. Each of these themes will include action steps taken within parishes, Catholic Academies, and Parish Schools. 


Amongst the goals for individual Catholic Academies and Parish Schools, the Diocese will also seek to expand opportunities for underserved populations. The history of Catholic schools demonstrates a continuous commitment to providing education to the poor, the underserved, and the immigrant student. The Diocese of Brooklyn is proud of its diverse schools and parishes, but also understands the importance of continuing to create opportunities for at-risk students through scholarships and tuition assistance. We will continue to uphold the sentiment that all children should have access to Catholic education. 


This year, during both the pandemic, and the current turmoil in the world, we have seen the desperate need in our society for community, faith, and love.  Catholic Academies and Parish Schools, rooted in the love and understanding of Christ, help mold students for a bright future. Graduates of Catholic education, as noted in numerous research studies, are more concerned about their communities, volunteer their time, are more likely to be civically engaged, and are more accepting of others. Perhaps the most significant attribute, Catholic school attendees are more likely to carry their faith into their adult lives, by attending Church weekly, sharing the faith with their families, and even entering the ordained life. By investing in Catholic education through A Year of Renewal for Catholic Education, we are planting the seeds for a brighter future for our society. 


As we begin this new phase and focus on A Year of Renewal for Catholic Education, we ask that you pray for the success of this endeavor. Your support and commitment to Catholic education is invaluable. I pray that during this journey you are called to join us by sharing with others the benefits of Catholic education. Consider why you value the education that comes from a Catholic Academy or Parish School and share those sentiments with individuals and families in your community. This year has been eye-opening for many who were unaware of the opportunities Catholic Academies and Parish Schools held; let us continue to share this knowledge and welcome others to our faith community. 


Thank you for the important role you play in your child’s faith and academic development. Your continued choice of Catholic education is invaluable. We are honored to guide your child in the knowledge and love of Jesus. 




Thomas Chadzutko


Thomas Chadzutko, Ed.D.

Superintendent ~ Catholic School Support Services





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Snowflake Making with Harold

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STAGES’ Introduction to Theatre

Learn about acting and theatre with Tim Seib or as you may know him from the Stages Advent-ure Calendar Perfectly Proper Paul!


Wednesday, January 20 4-5 pm  

STAGES’ Acting On Camera

Learn about acting for the camera with Tim Seib or as you may know him from the Stages Advent-ure Calendar Perfectly Proper Paul!


Wednesday, January 27 4-5 pm

Creating a Story For The Stage 

Create and perform in short plays with Jessica Giannone or as you may know her from the Stages Advent-ure Calendar Merry Maker Mabel!


Wednesday, February 3 4-5pm 

Physical Expression On Stage 

Bring pictures to life and perform their stories with Jessica Giannone or as you may know her from the Stages Advent-ure Calendar Merry Maker Mabel!


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Grade 5      Proper Adjectives worksheet posted in Classroom

                    Vocabulary pg. 51

                    Fossils find the key details in the final section

Grade 6     Vocabulary pg. 61

                    Definite and indefinite adjectives worksheet posted in Classroom

Grade 7     Vocabulary pg. 61

                   Grammar pg. 19

                   New York Progress 66-67

Grade 8     Descriptive Adjectives review posted in Classroom

                   Vocabulary pg. 61

                    New York Progress 68-69