Ms. Bellone’s Letter to Parents July 14, 2020

July 14, 2020


Dear Parents and Guardians of Incarnation Catholic Academy,

Incarnation Catholic Academy is planning on opening in September! Fr. Gannon (our new Pastor), Mrs. Eileen Griffo, and I, have been working and planning to ensure that our students, faculty, and staff remain healthy, while having access to the school building for a 5-day, in-school model.

Governor Cuomo will be informing us of his final decision on school opening, during the week of August 1-7.

While some Catholic Schools cannot accommodate a 5-day in-school plan for their entire student body; we can. We have enough spare classrooms to have all our students attend school all week, all day.

There is much more information to share with you from the New York State and Department of Health guidelines. Therefore, I will be up-dating you on a weekly basis, on our Academy Homepage.

As we continue to work on these plans, there is something you, the parents, can do to help your child and the teachers—- start having them wear a mask, extending the time each day, so they get used to it.

To go from not wearing a mask, or hardly ever, to wearing one for 6 hours straight, is not fair to the children. I think you would agree, that if you get them used to this routine, they will be ready for September 9th. I know you will help us in this endeavor, as it is our hope to get back to learning together in one building.

Compliance must be 100% for the safety of all. More updates will follow.

Stay safe,

Ms. Mary Bellone