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Welcome to Mrs. Zontanos class page!

Dear Parents/Guardians

Please log into Class Dojo for daily Activities and events. 

Thank you!

Lots of hugs to my little ones! 🙂 Miss them dearly! 🙁

All lessons will be on Class Dojo! Please send me your email, so I can sent you your BAR CODE for your child’s portfolio, where you will be uploading pictures of your child’s work, every day before 12 PM. 

This weeks goals 3/17 – 3/20:
Staying Healthy
Letter: Jj for (Jayden, Jaylene, Jelly, Jump rope, Jellybeans)
Number: 18

1. Message me with your child’s name that he/she is here

(as if we were attending school)

Remember any response after 10 AM is considered absent

2. Take a picture of your Leprechaun Trap Project (if you have already made it) and upload it to your portfolio.

3. Here is a fun experiment: In a bowl of water, pour some pepper, pepper will represent germs. Ask your child to dip in his/her finger. What happened to the germs? Then clean your child’s finger and dip it in dish wash soap and back into the bowl of water. What happened to the germs now? This activity represents the importance of washing our hands.
Take a picture and record your child’s response.

Here is a simple song while hand washing:
Tune: Fere Jacques

Top and bottom, top and bottom
in between,
in between
Rub your hands together,
Rub your hands together
Now their clean,
Now their clean. 🙂


Posted on March 29, 2019

Pre-K Math-Counting on with one to one correspondence to ten and beyond. Creating a ten frame, counting by sets of ten, writing numeral 10! Reinforcing number names/words 1-10! Children will do classwork and homework activity sheets. Also, children will engage in concrete experiences related to the concept.

ELA- Introduce new letter “Bb” Teach initial sound in words, review vowels and consonants, use word families to teach simple reading. Will focus on ‘at ‘and ‘an’ families! Classwork and homework activity sheets to reinforce the lesson.

Religion Pre-k/N- Children will engage in religion talk and focus on the Miracle of Easter! Color activity sheets and role play the Stations of the Cross!

Nursery Math- Continue to count on, using one to one correspondence to 5 and introduce new a number 6! Use lots of manipulatives to show the building of the number six!

ELA- Introduce a new letter “B”, identify and name words that begin with the sound. Teach formation, connect dots for tracing letters. Color activity sheets!


Posted on March 18, 2019

special announcement-  Book Fair dates: March 19-22nd during school.

Pre-K Math-Introduce number 10

Children will engage in concrete experiences to show number, and follow up with reinforcement Classwork/homework activity sheets. Review the sequencing of numbers 1-10, teach the formation of numerals1-10.

ELA-Introduce vowels-identify/name all the vowels A E I O U and sometimes Y. Teach the importance of vowels in words, slide and blend simple sounds to read Rhyming words using word families.

Working on og and at families this week!

Religion- Continue to have Lenten talks, and introduce the Station of the cross 1, 2 and 3. 

Nursery Math-Reviewing the number sequence 1-4, Introduce the number and numeral 5. Use prior knowledge for Sorting/Matching/Same/different. Do activity sheets reinforcements!

ELA- Continue to identify short U sounds in words, teach formation by connecting dots. Review left to right progression, Do activity sheets!


Pre K & Nursery homework week 3/11-3/15

Posted on March 11, 2019

Friday 3/15/19 early dismissal and report cards will be distributed

Nursery & PreK Lent : time to change and grow! Discuss using the Lenten Calender.

Pre K

Math- Vocabulary review before, after, middle.

Review number line 1-10, introduce the new number 9, number word and symbol. Reinforcement worksheets.

ELA- Introduce the letter U initial sound and word. Letter formation activity  sheets.


Math-review numbers 1-4 identify and name, show each number and numeral match. 1234 activity sheets.

ELA- introduce the letter U initial sound and word. Letter formation activity sheets.



Posted on March 6, 2019

Children will learn about LENT, receive “Ashes” and follow “Jesus” during his 40 days of sacrifice. Lent helps us to think about our actions and be better people.

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