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Welcome to Mrs. Kosiewska’s – UPK class

– Welcome to all are families and children.

The UPK program supplies materials for the children. For example crayons and paper, For the first full day of school the children will need:

1. Schoolbag

2.Folder – please check daily for any notices 

3. healthy snack and drink (ex. pretzels, yogurt, crackers and cheese, unsweetened cereal, fresh fruit or vegetables) The school will provide the children with 2 snacks daily as well.

4.fitted sheet(toddler size) and blanket

5.Change of clothing ( include socks and underwear)

Label everything with your child’s name.  The sheet and blanket should be placed in a bag as well as the change of clothing



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September – Unit Topic Welcome to Pre-K

Focus questions: What will I learn and do in pre-K? 

What do I bring to my classroom community?

Who are the people in y classroom community?

Who else is in my school?

This month the children will learn the classroom routines. They will be shown the various centers and learn about the school.


October – Focus Question – 

Valentines day – February 14th - CanPacific's Blog





February – Unit Topic – Light  

Focus Questions: What kinds of lights are around us?

What is darkness? How does light help us? What are shadows? 

Important dates-

Feb.21-27 -Winter Recess – school closed

We will be adding some new materials to the centers that encompass the unit on Light.  The block center will have window blocks of various shapes for building.  The math center will have manga tiles to build with as well. The science center will have flashlights, prisms, and mirrors. We will be adding a light table to the dramatic center for the children to explore.

Kindergarten Registration –  visit the school website to apply or email Ms,Das at bookeeper@incarnationqv.org



Sun Flower Spring Clip Art, Spring, Clipart, Plant PNG Transparent Clipart Image and PSD File for Free DownloadMarch-Unit Topic – Water

Focus Questions  – Where can we find water?

What happens to water when it changes temperature?

What happens when we put things in water?   How does water help us?

We will be adding new materials to the centers.  The math center will have sea animal counters, the art center will have water colors, the dramatic center will transformed into a laundromat with a washing machine and dryer.


April -Unit Topic -Plants  Pot Plant Clipart Botany - Flowering Plant And Non Flowering Plant - Free Transparent PNG Clipart Images Download

Focus questions – What are plants?

What do plants need and where do we find them?

What are some different kinds of plants?

Why are plants important?

We will be adding new materials for the class to explore. In the math center we will add miniature toy worms to count and sort. In the science center we will have plants, plants magnets, and various toy plants such as carrots, flower pots, and watering cans.  The class will use beans to outline their names and sort various seeds as well. 


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May – Unit Topic Babies

Focus Questions : What do human babies need?

What can we learn about animal babies?

How do babies change?

We will change some of the centers to reflect this theme.  The Dramatic center will be transformed into a Nursery. The children will explore baby doll, bib, diapers, bottles, and blankets as they pretend. The math center will have baby animals for the class to count.

May 30 – Memorial Day school closed



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June – Unit Topic Transformation

Focus Questions – What changes around me? How can objects change? 

What kinds of change happen in nature? How will I continue to change and grow? 

The dramatic center will be transformed into a kindergarten class for the children to explore.  

June dates:

June 3 – Spring Concert at 9am

June 14 – Field Day / Barbeque – UPK to 8th grade 11:30 – 2 pm

June 16 – UPK4 – Step Up @ 10am 

June 20 – Juneteenth – School is closed

June 21- Last day of school for UPK3 and UPK4

Have a great Summer everyone.


****ClassDojo App– We have invited all our families to join.  This app is free and we will be posting information on this app.  Please download it on any device you have, it is another way for us to communicate with you. Check your email for the invitation. 

NEW FAMILIES – for 2022-23

Please note – the Prek for All Program is sponsored by City of New York. It is free to you. There is no tuition or uniforms for any of our families.


Remember to record your child’s temperature daily before they come to school and even when they are unable to attend class on the Work Badge App. The website has instructions on setting up the app. If you need help please let us know. 

Mrs.K students arrive and dismiss from door B located on Francis Lewis Blvd. near the rectory from 8:10-2:30. Please be on time to pick up your child. 

School phone  – 718 465-5065

Thank you everyone.

** Please read to your child daily. It helps foster a love of reading.

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